Archeparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk


The archeparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk is one of the four Greek Catholic archeparchies in Ukraine. It belongs to Ivano-Frankivsk Metropolis. The archeparchy embraces the northern districts of the Ivano-Frankivsk region, namely Bohorodchany, Halych, Dolyna, Kalush, Rohatyn, Rozhniativ, and Tysmenytsia districts. Thus, they include 401 settlements. The total area is 6 700 km2. The population of the archeparchy is 765 121 people and the number of Catholics reaches 574 853 people (data 2015).

Coat of arms of the archeparchy of Ivano-FrankivskCoat of arms of the archeparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk

With the purpose of effective pastoral ministry, the archeparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk is divided into 23 deaneries:

  • Bilshivtsi
  • Bohorodchany
  • Bodnariv
  • Bolekhiv
  • Bukachivtsi
  • Burshtyn
  • Voinyliv
  • Halych
  • Dolyna
  • Yezupil
  • Central Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Northern Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Western Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Eastern Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Kalush
  • Lysets
  • Perehinske
  • Rohatyn
  • Rozhniativ
  • Solotvyn
  • Tysmenytsia
  • Cherche

Pastoral ministry is focused around 391 parish communities where 402 priests (365 eparchial and 37 hieromonks), and 195 consecrated to God persons (63 brothers, 132 sisters) carry out their mission.

Also, 81 seminarians receive a priestly formation (data for 2015).

Due to the implemented projects, the archeparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk develops pastoral, social, and educational missions. Examples of the former are the Catholic School of St. Basil the Great, Ivano-Frankivsk

Theological Academy of Greek-Catholic Church, Medical and diagnostic center of St. Luke. The hotel Stanislaviv, Media-center Apostle, Charity organization Caritas Ivano-Frankivsk and more.




Since June 2, 2005, the Reverend Bishop Volodymyr Viytyshyn has been the ruling archbishop of the archeparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk.

A cathedral of the archeparchy is the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ in Ivano-Frankivsk.


On December 13, 2011, on St. Andrew, the First-Called Day, the Head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk announced the creation of the Ivano-Frankivsk Metropolis of the UGCC. It included the archeparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk and the eparchy of Kolomyia-Chernivtsi. His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk also appointed Bishop Volodymyr Viytyshyn as the first Archbishop of the metropolis. Thus, the metropolitan got the rights and obligations that are written in 131–139 canons in the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches. Among his obligations was to convoke a Metropolitan Synod that would regulate the issues of the activity of the Church on a particular territory. Also, he had the right to ordain, and enthrone the bishops of his metropolis,  take care of the careful observance of the faith,  conduct canonical visits if they are neglected in the eparchies, and establish a metropolitan tribunal. Important to mention that Ivano-Frankivsk Metropolis is the biggest one in the West of Ukraine as its jurisdiction includes two regions — Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi, and it is the second large after Kyiv-Halych metropolis of the UGCC.


Among the shrines and miraculous icons of the archeparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk it is worth to mention Pohonya monastery of the Dormition of the Mother of God of the Order of St. Basil the Great in Pohonya village (Tysmenytsia district, Ivano-Frankivsk region) where there is a healing spring and Pohonya miraculous icon of the Mother of God (early XVII c.), Hoshiv monastery on Yasna Hora in Hoshiv village (Dolyna district, Ivano-Frankivsk region) where Hoshiv miraculous icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary is placed (early XVIII c.), the Church of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Krylos village (Halych district, Ivano-Frankivsk region) where Halych miraculous icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located, a miraculous icon of Our Lady of Mercy that is kept in the Church of Saint John the Baptist in Ivano-Frankivsk, a well of Holy Spirit that is located between Silets and Yezupil villages (Tysmenytsia district, Ivano-Frankivsk region), the Mariiampil Bible Garden in Mariiampil city (Halych district, Ivano-Frankivsk region) where it is possible to find planted trees mentioned in the Scripture, Lypivka icon of Virgin Hodegetria (first half of XVIII c.) that is placed in the Church of St. Joseph in Lypivka village (Tysmenytsia district, Ivano-Frankivsk region), the Luchyntsi icon of the Mother of God (middle XIX c.) which is in the Church of St. Nicholas in Luchyntsi village (Rohatyn district, Ivano-Frankivsk region), the Fraga miraculous icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary (middle XVII c.) that is kept in the Church of the Translation of the Relics of Saint Nicholas in Fraga village (Rohatyn district, Ivano-Frankivsk region).


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