The Patriarchal Curia of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Mission Statement

The Patriarchal Curia assists and supports the Head of the UGCC in carrying out his ministry within the Church of Christ, that is, as the Primate and custodian of the unity and integrity of the spiritual heritage of the faithful of the particular Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church scattered throughout the world.


The head of the Patriarchal Curia is the Father and Head of the UGCC, His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk. The Curia’s four focus sectors are: pastoral activity, financial and economic, media and communication, and administrative.

Pastoral Council

  • Council on Evangelization at the Head of the UGCC
  • UGCC Patriarchal Catechetical Commission
  • UGCC Patriarchal Liturgical Commission
  • UGCC Patriarchal Commission for Clergy
  • UGCC Patriarchal Commission for Monasticism
  • UGCC Department of Social Services
  • UGCC Pastoral Migration Department
  • UGCC Commission for Education and Formation
  • UGCC Commission for Youth
  • UGCC Commission for Family and Laity
  • UGCC Commission for Pastoral Health Care
  • UGCC Department of Military Chaplaincy
  • UGCC Department of Prison Chaplaincy
  • UGCC Department of the Maritime Apostolate
  • UGCC Bureau of Ecology
  • UGCC Bureau of New Religious Movements and Sects

Financial and Economic Sector

  • Economic Council
  • Bursar

Networking and Communications

  • Council of Social Communications
  • UGCC Department of Information
  • UGCC Department of External Relations
  • UGCC Department of External Relations in Ukraine
  • Communications Advisor
  • Curial Bishops
  • UGCC Commission on Interdenominational and Interreligious Relations
  • Zhyve TV

Administrative Issues

  • Secretariats of the Head of the UGCC
  • Chancery Office
  • UGCC Human Resources Commission

Other Divisions

  • UGCC Theological Department
  • Protection of children and minors from sexual violence
  • UGCC Canon Law Department
  • Mission of the “Postulation Center for Beatifications and Canonizations of Saints of the UGCC”