UGCC Personal Parish Proclaimed in Tartu

April 16, 2024, 09:44 77

In the Estonian city of Tartu, the solemn proclamation of the creation of a personal parish of the UGCC of the Holy Family was announced. The hierarchical Liturgy on this occasion was presided over by the head of the Pastoral Migration Department of the UGCC, Reverend Stepan Sus, in concelebration with the Apostolic Administrator for Catholics in Estonia, Reverend Philippe Jourdan.

UGCC Personal Parish Proclaimed in Tartu

This is announced on the Facebook page of the Pastoral and Migration Department.

After the Service, the Apostolic Administrator of Estonia read the Decree on the establishment of the parish. Fr. Silver Vytvytskyi was appointed rector.

In his speech, Rev. Philippe emphasized that faith is extremely important for every person. “That is why today we are establishing a new parish, because it is a means of accepting faith, the Sacraments of the Church and unity in the Holy Eucharist. The parish is like a weapon for you not to lose your faith. And that is why we are here today with my brother in the episcopate, Reverend Stepan Sus from Ukraine, to serve you best together for the spiritual growth of each of you,” said the Apostolic Administrator of Estonia.

Bishop Stepan thanked Bishop Philippe for his contribution and the opportunity for Ukrainians to pray in their native language in a spacious and beautiful church in Tartu: “This is a great holiday for all Ukrainians in Estonia, it is indeed a holiday for the parish in Tartu. You have set up another mission that will serve the good of the faithful and bear the fruits of faith, for which we are sincerely grateful to you.”

The event was also attended by the Mayor of Tartu Urmas Klaas.

“We are gathered today in one of the numerous parishes in Tartu, and together we create the community of the city and believe that together we will perform good deeds for it. We also believe that good will triumph over evil, that the war will be won and families will be reunited,” the mayor said.

The Liturgy was also attended by the administrator of the parish of Three Handed Mother of God in Tallinn, Father Roman Kich, priest for Ukrainian Greek Catholics in Latvia, Father Roman Sapuzhak, the newly appointed rector of the UGCC parish in Tartu, Father Silver Vytvytskyi, and the Secretary of the PMD, Father Roman Ilnytskyi.

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