Eparchy of Toronto


Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada is an eparchy of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church which is part of the Winnipeg eparchy. The eparchy was founded on November 3, 1956. The jurisdiction of the eparchy covers the city of Toronto and all of eastern Canada, namely the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. Thus, the total area of the eparchy of Toronto is 3,157,514 km2, and the population is 22,891,866 people.

The division into proto-presbyters:

a) North Toronto Deanery

  • Berry;
  • Von Road;
  • Bondhead;
  • Thornhill;
  • Markham Road;
  • Coffee Beach.

b) Western Toronto Deanery

  • Mississauga;
  • Brampton;
  • Toronto (3 parishes).

c) Hamilton Deanery

  • Burlington;
  • Hamilton (3 parishes).

d) Hungarian Dean’s Office

  • Cortland;
  • Wheland;
  • Hamilton.

e) Kitchener deanery

  • London;
  • Kitchener;
  • Cambridge;
  • Waterford;
  • Brentford;
  • Guelph.

e) Montreal Deanery (6 parishes)

f) Niagara Deanery

  • Niagara Falls;
  • Lakeshore;
  • Welland;
  • Beamsville;
  • St. Catharines;
  • Grimsby.

g) Northern Deanery

  • Ruen-Noranda;
  • Virginiatown;
  • Val d’Or;
  • Kirkland Lake.

g) Ottawa Deanery

  • Sydney;
  • Dartmouth;
  • Ottawa;
  • Kingston.

h) Eastern Toronto Deanery

  • Toronto (4 parishes)
  • Oakville;
  • Oshawa.

i) Windsor Deanery

  • Windsor;
  • Chatham;
  • Sarnia.

According to statistics from 2014, the eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada has 24,200 believers, united around 56 parish centers. For them, pastoral ministry is performed by 95 priests, including 89 eparchial and 6 hieromonks, and 18 deacons. In addition, there are consecrated persons in the eparchy: 6 monks and 18 nuns.



Since May 3, 2003, His Eminence bishop Stefan Khmilyar has been the ruling bishop of the eparchy of Toronto.

The cathedral of the eparchy of Toronto is St. Josaphat Cathedral in Toronto (Ontario, Canada).


On January 19, 1948, the proclamation of the Exarchate of Eastern Canada was announced.

On May 27, 1948, two new bishops, Bishop Isidore Boretsky and Bishop Andrew Roboretsky were ordained at St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto. At this time, Bishop Neil Savarin, OSBM, is proclaimed Exarch of the newly formed Western Exarchate, which covers the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Northern Canada. Bishop Isidore Boretsky has been appointed exarch of the newly created Eastern Exarchate, which includes Ontario and all the provinces to the east. Bishop Andriy Roboretsky has been appointed Auxiliary Bishop to Bishop Vasyl Ladytsa for the Central Exarchate, which covers the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

In 1950, the Apostolic Exarchate numbered 56,000 faithful, 63 priests who served in 40 parishes, 44 monk brothers, and 40 nun sisters.

On March 10, 1951, the Apostolic Exarchate of Toronto was formed by secession from the Apostolic Exarchate of Eastern Canada.

On November 3, 1956, the Exarchate of Toronto and Eastern Canada was elevated to the level of an eparchy with a new official name, the eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada.

On June 16, 1998, Pope John Paul II resigned from the government of Bishop Isidore Boretsky due to retirement age.

On July 1, 1998, the Synod of Bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, with the blessing of Pope John Paul II, transferred Bishop Cornelius Pasichny from the throne of the eparchy of Saskatoon to the vacant throne of the eparchy of Toronto.

On September 24, 1998, His Eminence Bishop Cornelius Pasichny was solemnly enthroned as the Ruling Bishop of the eparchy of Toronto.

On May 3, 2003, Pope John Paul II accepted the resignation of Bishop Cornelius from the government of the eparchy of Toronto due to retirement age.

On May 3, 2003, Pope John Paul II appointed Father Stephen Khmilyar Bishop of Toronto to replace Emeritus Bishop Cornelius Pasichny, OSBM. The ordination and the enthronement took place on July 23, 2003, at the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.


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