Eparchy of Saint Josaphat in Parma


The eparchy of Saint Josaphat in Parma is part of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, based in Parma, Ohio, and part of the Philadelphia Metropolitanate. Territorially, the eparchy includes Ohio, Mississippi, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and western Pennsylvania, including the following counties: Potfton, Mitteron, Kline also all state counties west of them. Thus, the total area of ​​the eparchy of Parma reaches about 1,260,048 km2, and the population is about 84,081,342 people.

The members of the eparchy are Catholics of the Eastern Ukrainian rite who emigrated to the United States from Galychyna, Bukovyna, and other Ukrainian regions; originate from these persons (see Canon 755 of the Code of Canon Law);

Women married to men referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 above if they comply with Canon 98, paragraph 4 of the Code of Canon Law; who changed the rite by Canon 98, paragraph 3 of the Code of Canon Law; who converted to the Catholic Church of the Eastern Ukrainian Rite, and all other Catholics of the Eastern Ukrainian rite who belong to the parishes that fall under the jurisdiction of the eparch of the Parma eparchy of St. Josaphat of the UGCC.

The mission of the eparchy of St. Josaphat is to be, like Christ, a bright living icon of God, and this vision inspires the life and ministry of the Ukrainian greek catholic eparchy of St. Josaphat in Parma, the community opened to all people of all ethnic groups and social conditions. This vision calls us to live by faith in integrity so that as the true icon we can be a true sign of God’s Presence for everyone.

Two strong aspects support our vital and shared identity as living icon. As a human community, we use all available means to provide live ministry through administration guaranteed by effective eparchial structures that promote energetic living and ministry at the parish level. As believers in the Eastern Christian tradition, we strive to make the liturgy the heart of our community and the source of our vitality. Gathered with Christ in prayer, especially at the Divine Liturgy, we contribute the sacrifice of praise and open ourselves to the presence of God’s inviting and transforming Holy Spirit.


a) Florida

  • St. Petersburg;
  • Brooksville;
  • North Port;
  • Miami;
  • Apopka.

b) Georgia

  • Conyers.

c) Tennessee

  • Powell;
  • Nashville.

d) North Carolina

  • Charlotte;
  • Garner;
  • Rally;
  • Pineville.

e) West Virginia

  • Wheeling.

e) Pennsylvania

  • Aliquippa;
  • Altuna;
  • Umbridge;
  • Arnold;
  • Carnegie;
  • Ford City;
  • Janet;
  • Johnstone;
  • Latrobe;
  • Lindora;
  • McKeese Rocks;
  • McCisport;
  • New Alexandria;
  • Northern Cumbria;
  • Pittsburgh (2 parishes);
  • Рамей;
  • Revlock;
  • West Lichburg.

f) Ohio

  • Akron;
  • Austintown;
  • Canton;
  • Cleveland;
  • Lorraine;
  • Parma (3 parishes);
  • Rossford;
  • Solon;
  • Youngstown.

According to statistics from 2012, the pastoral ministry of the Parma eparchy of St. Josaphat is concentrated in 43 parishes for 10,685 believers. This ministry is performed by 40 priests, including 39 eparchial and one hieromonk, and one deacon. In addition, there are consecrated persons in the eparchy: 3 monks and 2 nuns.



Since August 7, 2014, His Eminence Bishop Bohdan Danylohas been the ruling Bishop of the eparchy of Saint Josaphat in Parma.

The cathedral of the eparchy is the Cathedral of Saint Josaphat in Parma (Ohio, USA).

The patron saint of the eparchy of Parma is St. Josaphat Kuntsevich.


The main wave of emigration occurred in the postwar period between 1949–1951. The second wave of Ukrainians arrived in the United States about 10 years ago. In addition, there is something newer: those people who have arrived recently.

The eparchy of Saint Josaphat in Parma for Ukrainians was canonically founded on December 5, 1983, by a branch of the then-Philadelphia eparchy. The first Ordinary was Bishop Robert Moskal, who served until 2009. From July 29, 2009, to 2014, Bishop Ivan Bura was the Apostolic Administrator. On August 7, 2014, the Vatican announced that His Holiness Francis had appointed the Reverend Father Bohdan Danylo, Rector of the Stamford Theological Seminary of St. Basil the Great, the Bishop of the eparchy of Saint Josaphat in Parma in the United States. Thus, since November 4, 2014, since his episcopal ordination, the eparchy of Saint Josaphat in Parma has been headed by the ruling Bishop Bohdan Danylo.


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