Russia launches what are called ‘meat attacks’ around Avdiivka: Head of the UGCC in the 90th week of war

November 6, 2023, 10:45 128

The center of the confrontation is our long-suffering Avdiivka, around which the enemy launches so-called meat attacks, throwing the bodies of its soldiers at the positions of the Ukrainian army, states the Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, His Beatitude Sviatoslav, in his traditional address on the 90th week of the great, bloody war that the Russian occupier and aggressor is waging on Ukrainian land.

Russia launches what are called ‘meat attacks’ around Avdiivka: Head of the UGCC in the 90th week of war

“This level of brutality frightens anyone with even a modest understanding of military affairs,” said the Primate, adding that the last week was marked by an unprecedented escalation of hostilities on the front line.

As the hostilities intensify, he noted, other dimensions of the confrontation have been affected. According to him, everyone was horrified by the great tragedy in occupied Volnovakha, where on October 30, armed Russian criminals killed a family of nine people named Kapkanets. Two young children were shot dead in their crib. On the night of November 1, the highest intensity of shelling and attacks on peaceful towns and villages in Ukraine was recorded for the year.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav expressed his prayerful solidarity with the courageous military chaplain, Fr. Viktor Zdeb. His son, an officer of the Ukrainian army, died this week in a Kyiv hospital from wounds received at the front.

“Amid the pain, blood, fire, and tears, we declare once again to the whole world: Ukraine stands, Ukraine fights, Ukraine prays!” the Head of the Church emphasized.

Духовний лідер українців також склав слова подяки очільникові Державного секретаріату Святого Престолу кардиналові П’єтро Пароліну за те, що Апостольська столиця підтримала “формулу миру”, яку Україна намагається запропонувати міжнародному товариству. Як відомо, 28–29 жовтня на о. Мальта відбувався черговий Міжнародний саміт щодо способу зупинення війни в Україні. І Апостольська столиця стала на боці нашого народу, висловивши готовність утілювати в життя українську “формулу миру”.

The spiritual leader of Ukrainians also expressed gratitude to Cardinal Pietro Parolin, head of the Holy See’s Secretariat of State, for supporting the Apostolic Capital for the “formula for peace” that Ukraine is trying to offer to the international community. As you know, on October 28–29, the island of Malta hosted another international summit on how to end the war in Ukraine. The Apostolic Capital took the side of our people, expressing its readiness to enact the Ukrainian “peace formula.”

While in Italy, the Head of the UGCC visited the city of Bologna, where he together with the local Archbishop, Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, had the opportunity to reflect on how to save Ukrainian children from Russian captivity.

“This cardinal,” said His Beatitude, “as a special envoy of the Holy Father, is attempting to do his utmost to free captured Ukrainian civilians, including children, and to search for ways to stop the war.”

This week, we commemorated the day of the passing of the righteous Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, who speaks to the hearts of Ukrainians today. Back in 1942, in World War II, he wrote a glorious message, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” in which he said: “The world is dying due to a lack of love, and it’s perishing from human hatred.”

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