On the 113th Week of War, Head of the UGCC Urges Ukrainians to Save Energy

April 15, 2024, 10:00 44

When the enemy inflicts attacks on Ukraine’s energy system, I ask you to save electricity, because it is a prerequisite for our victory over the enemy who intends to steal this energy from us. His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, said this on the 113th week of Russia’s full-scale invasion of the peaceful territory of Ukraine.

On the 113th Week of War, Head of the UGCC Urges Ukrainians to Save Energy

A thermal power plant after enemy strikes, Photo: DTEK

“But this is already the 11th year of this war, which causes unspeakable suffering to the civilian population of Ukraine,” the Primate noted.

“Over the past week,” he said, “we have been admiring the heroism of the Ukrainian army, which, with fewer troops but more motivation, spiritually outnumbered, not only held back the enemy’s offensive but also defended its people and the Motherland. Every day we express our gratitude to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for being alive, for being able to fight and serve God and the Ukrainian people.”

The Head of the Church noted that the last week has been marked by the aggravation of Russian crimes against the civilian population. UN Under-Secretary-General Miroslav Jenča asserted that Russia has created a new model of this war, which is the systematic, daily destruction of civilian infrastructure, the destruction of cities and villages in Ukraine. And we are witnessing this.

“Over the past week,” said the spiritual leader, “we have experienced a new wave of enemy attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Almost every night, Russians strike at our cities and villages, trying to cut off entire regions of our country from energy supply.”

According to him, these days Russia has targeted the Kyiv region with particular intensity. The large Trypillia thermal power plant, which supplied electricity to about 3 million people, was destroyed. Apparently, such strikes are not just a violation of international law, but also a crime against humanitarian law, which retains its full force even during hostilities.

The Head of the Church expressed gratitude to those who are now ready to support Ukraine.

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