Head of UGCC Designates New Chaplain for Faith and Light Community in Ukraine

March 22, 2024, 11:30 47

His Beatitude Sviatoslav has appointed Fr. Volodymyr Bytyuha as the new provincial chaplain for the Faith and Light community in Ukraine.

Head of UGCC Designates New Chaplain for Faith and Light Community in Ukraine

The decree appointing Fr. Volodymyr as a chaplain for three years will come into force on March 25.

“The spirituality of Faith and Light is first and foremost compassion. It is a call not to ascend the ladder of success but to descend and be with those in the lowest place. It is about serving and discovering the bliss of washing your neighbor’s feet,” the decree says.

“May your ministry be a constant testimony to the presence of the voice of God among the friends and associates of the community,” His Beatitude Sviatoslav wished Father Volodymyr.


The first communities of the Faith and Light community in Ukraine emerged in 1992; today, there are 38 of them. Faith and Light is an international and interdenominational Christian community that aims to unite and help people with intellectual disabilities, their friends, and families. Community members hold monthly meetings to share challenges and joys, celebrate and pray, and support each other as they grow in friendship, faith, and love. The activities of the Faith and Light movement also include events that bring together members of different communities, such as summer camps, pilgrimages, retreats, formations, and training for youth volunteers.

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