Bishops Stepan Sus and Pavlo Chomnycky Meet with Knight of Columbus Patrick Kelly

May 31, 2024, 13:20 57

On May 30, in New Haven, Connecticut, at the main house of the Knights of Columbus, Rev. Stephen Sus and Rev. Pavlo Chomnycky met with the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, Patrick Kelly.

Bishops Stepan Sus and Pavlo Chomnycky Meet with Knight of Columbus Patrick Kelly

Bishop Stepan conveyed greetings from His Beatitude Sviatoslav and expressed support for the pastoral and social projects of the UGCC during the war, particularly, “Zhyve Television”, and discussed the UGCC program “Healing the Wounds of War”.

“’Zhyve Television’ today is the voice of our Church,” said Bishop Stepan, “especially, in the occupied territories and in Crimea, where our faithful who want to hear, pray, and be with our Church, live.”

Bishop Stepan also thanked the Knights for their support of various humanitarian projects, including the distribution of food packages in the frontline areas of Ukraine. He then informed Patrick Kelly about local efforts in Ukraine and requested that the Knights of Columbus be the voice of our people in the countries where the organization operates.

The Supreme Knight assured that he is constantly monitoring the situation in Ukraine and looking for various ways to help the Catholic Church of both rites in Ukraine. Mr. Kelly fondly recalled his visits to Ukraine, including a meeting with His Beatitude Sviatoslav in Lviv, and meetings with priests who sacrificially serve people in times of war. Patrick Kelly also raised the topic of Ukraine during a personal meeting with the Holy Father Pope Francis.

Bishop Stepan reminded that two priests of the UGCC are still in Russian captivity. The Supreme Knight assured the bishop of continued support for Ukraine, stating that it is a great honor for the Knights of Columbus to stand with the people who defend the dignity of the whole world.

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