Eparchy of New Westminster


The eparchy of New Westminster is an eparchy of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church which is part of the Winnipeg eparchy. The eparchy was founded on June 27, 1974. The jurisdiction of the eparchy extends to the Canadian provinces they are British Columbia, the Yukon, the northwestern territories, and Nunavut. Thus, the total area of the eparchy reaches 4,866,474 km2, and the population is about 4,502,621 people.

The Eparchy of New Westminster is the youngest of all North America’s administrative units. It is one of the most beautiful and least urbanized places in the world. It consists of areas of the frozen north of Canada, as well as hundreds of miles of pristine Pacific coastline, high mountain ranges, and a large amount of agricultural land.

There are parishes in the Pacific Islands and parishes in Canada’s third largest city, Vancouver, on the west coast of the country. There are parishes in the mountainous areas of British Columbia. The Eparchy of New Westminster covers a vast area as the distance between most parishes is considerable, five or six hours by car.


  • New Westminster;
  • Vancouver;
  • Surrey;
  • Vernon;
  • Grindrod;
  • Kamloops;
  • Burnaby;
  • Prince George;
  • Victoria;
  • Nanaimo;
  • Penticton;
  • Richmond;
  • Kelowna.

According to statistics from 2016, the eparchy of New Westminster has 7,500 believers, which are concentrated in 14 parish centers. Pastoral ministry for them is performed by 17 priests, including 14 eparchial and three hieromonks, one deacon. In addition, there are consecrated persons in the eparchy, 3 brothers-monks, and two sisters-nuns.

There are two monasteries on the territory of the eparchy, the Monastery of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin of the Order of St. Basil the Great in Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) and the Monastery of the Sisters of the Servants of the Immaculate Virgin Mary in New Westminster (British Columbia, Canada).



Since January 15, 2020, His Eminence Bishop David Motyuk has been the Apostolic Administrator of the vacant seat of the eparchy of New Westminster.

The cathedral of the eparchy of New Westminster is the Cathedral of the Holy Eucharist in New Westminster (British Columbia, Canada).


The Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of New Westminster was founded by the Roman Apostolic See on July 24, 1974. As a former part of the eparchy of Edmonton, it includes the lands of British Columbia, the Yukon, and part of the Northwest Territories west of 120 degrees longitude.

Reverend Jerome Chimy, OSBM, was appointed the first bishop. His episcopal ordination took place on September 5, 1974, in the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin, and the next day he was enthroned in the Church of the Holy Eucharist, which he called his cathedral. Under his episcopate, the construction of the eparchial office and residence was completed in 1976.

One of the first and most important tasks of Bishop Jerome was to make sure that each parish had a good priest. He was especially faithful in the education of priestly and monastic vocations. Several people, attracted by his faith, still serve as priests in our eparchy. At this time, the Sisters of the Servant of the Immaculate Virgin Mary were also invited to work with the youth to spread catechetical programs throughout the eparchy and to assist in the eparchial administration in general. In 1982, the Monastery of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built for the sisters. Bishop Jerome took an active part in the initial organizational life of the eparchy. He founded the Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood, the League of Ukrainian Catholic Women of Canada, and the Ukrainian Catholic Youth of Canada. Among many outstanding achievements, he provided a highly effective guide during the celebration of the millennium of Ukrainian Christianity in 1988. Bishop Jerome was so well known for his missionary and pastoral warmth and kindness that almost all the laity in the eparchy knew him personally. He was sincerely loved and respected by all. His Eminence Bishop Jerome passed away on September 19, 1992.

Bishop Chimy was succeeded by His Eminence Severian Yakimyshyn, OSBM. The second eparch was ordained a bishop on March 25, 1995, at the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Before that, Fr. Kenneth Olsen had served as administrator for two and a half years.

To preserve the history of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy, Bishop Severian Yakymyshyn, OSBM, authorized the publication of a monumental book (432 pages), written by the late Bishop Jerome Khimiy, OSBM, and compiled and edited today by the late Professor Mychael Tatarnyk. In order toTo to continue preserving the history of the eparchy at a more modern level, Bishop Severyan instructed to prepare an official web page of the eparchy.

To, harmonize the parish administration, Bishop Severian issued and distributed for general use the “Parish Constitution” so that all parishes, priests, parish councils, commissions, and the parishioners themselves could adhere to the same norms. To protect the property and funds of the parishes, the bishop decided that all of them should be insured with the same “umbrella” (comprehensive) insurance with higher premiums and the amount of risk coverage.

In order, to have priests in all parishes and for the Divine Liturgy could be performed everywhere every Sunday and holiday, the bishop invited several priests from Ukraine. He agreed with the Finance Committee on fair salaries, health insurance, pension plans, and, life insurance for eparchial priests. He organized it and the eparchy paid for annual retreats for the priests. With the great help of the Sisters Servants, Ambrose and Ruth, he continued to support the St. Volodymyr’s Summer Camp program for children and youth. To financially support poorer parishes and pay for eparchial fees (for the Synods and Councils of the UCC, the canonization of Ukrainian saints, the Theological Seminary, the Parish of St. Peter and St. Andrew, etc.), the Project of Hope program was introduced that is now known as the Parish Contribution Program. Thus, thanks to the great cooperation of the faithful and their generous contributions, the eparchy was able to continue its missionary service in the vast expanses of the beautiful province of British Columbia.

On June 1, 2007, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI announced the appointment of Fr. Ken Novakivsky for the third eparch of New Westminster for Ukrainian Catholics in British Columbia and Yukon. Bishop Ken was ordained a bishop by His Eminence Lawrence Hutsulyak, OSBM Metropolitan for Ukrainian Catholics in Canada, Archbishop of Winnipeg, His Eminence Severian Yakimyshyn, OSBM Bishop Emeritus of New Westminster, and His Eminence Peter Stasiuk, CHNI Bishop of the eparchy of Sts. Peter and Paul for Ukrainian Catholics in Australia and New Zealand, on July 24, 2007, at the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Vancouver.


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