This is the mustard seed that made mountains move: His Beatitude Sviatoslav at the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Zhyve Television

August 13, 2023, 15:59 40

We see that over the past ten years, our Live TV has become a focal point of unity for the children of our church in Ukraine and around the world. We can remember how we endured two years of the covid pandemic. And when full-scale war broke out, the rosary prayer every day at 8 PM brought together tens of thousands of people. As the Head of the Church, the Open Church program allowed me to maintain direct daily and monthly communication with you. That is why the slogan reads: “10 years of unity”.

This is the mustard seed that made mountains move: His Beatitude Sviatoslav at the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Zhyve Television

His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the Father and Head of the UGCC, said this during the Divine Liturgy at the Patriarchal House in Lviv on August 13, the day of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Zhyve TV.

In his sermon, the Patriarch reflected on what it means to believe. He noted that it is not only human emotions and experiences, human efforts, or reason alone. “Faith is an act that excels the properties of strength and ability of a human being,” said the hierarch, “To believe is to be engrafted, implanted in the body of the risen Christ, to be engrafted in His pulsating power, which is still available in the body of the Church of Christ.”

“That engraftment in the risen Christ is accomplished by the power and work of the Holy Spirit at the moment of our baptism, but then we need to absorb those juices, those powers from the true grape, Christ. We need to grow, develop, and bear fruit. And then nothing is impossible for the believer because the power that conquers even death lives and pulsates in our existence,” the Primate emphasized.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav noted that on this day, we thank the Lord God for the first ten years of the life and work of the Church’s Zhyve TV. He then recalled that ten years ago, in 2013, during the time of President Yanukovych, there was a process of cleansing everything Ukrainian. The UGCC felt that they wanted to deprive it of its voice, so it decided to start Internet television.

Therefore, he thanked the benefactors who support Zhyve TV. “If you have not yet subscribed to Zhyve Television, please clear up this misunderstanding immediately! For this is another way we can be together daily,” the bishop emphasized.

After the Liturgy, His Beatitude Sviatoslav congratulated Zhyve Television on its 10th anniversary and presented its employees with certificates of appreciation for their sacrificial work in the structure of this media resource because, through their service, “millions of people have the opportunity to participate in important church events, to know God, becoming closer to Him, and to discover the beauty and greatness of His Church, feeling like an integral part of it.” The Patriarch also presented a certificate to Father Deacon Petro Tokach, founder and benefactor of Zhyve Television.

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