“Russia’s Attack on Ukraine Jeopardizes the World Order”: Archbishop Gallagher

September 21, 2023, 18:32 29

Speaking at the UN Security Council open debate on the war in Ukraine, the Secretary for the Holy See’s Relations with States and International Organizations said this “brutal and senseless” war against Ukraine requires the international community to act decisively in the search for a just and lasting peace for Ukraine as a critical element of global peace, emphasizing that the Holy See supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

 “Russia’s Attack on Ukraine Jeopardizes the World Order”: Archbishop Gallagher

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“The Holy See is close to Ukraine and fully supports its territorial integrity, and moreover, continues to engage in humanitarian initiatives aimed at alleviating the suffering of the Ukrainian population, especially that part of it that is the weakest and most vulnerable,” — said Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, Secretary of the Holy See for Relations with States and International Organizations, speaking during an open debate on Ukraine at the UN Security Council in New York on September 20, 2023.

As the head of Vatican diplomacy noted, these debates occur “in the context of a brutal and senseless war against Ukraine, which is defending its sovereignty and the inviolability of its internationally recognized borders at great sacrifice.” He recalled that these are “values that have been upheld and shared since the founding of this noble Organization.” Thus, the question arises: “Who is this war being waged against?”. “Everyone can see that the highest price is paid by civilians, ordinary people, and, above all, children, youth, and the elderly,” Archbishop Gallagher said.

The Secretary of the Holy See for Relations with States and International Organizations then noted that “war is a great evil,” and today we see “that it is expanding beyond Ukraine, covering not only Europe but also other continents with its thick shadow, and, above all, penetrating human hearts, making them the receptacle of the ‘logic of war.’ It is an undeniable fact that Russia’s attack on Ukraine has jeopardized the entire world order that emerged after World War II. Its negative consequences are already visible in the humanitarian, demographic, food, socio-political, legal, economic, environmental, military, nuclear, energy, medical, educational, religious, migration and other spheres, which together are fundamental elements of the global security architecture,” he said, emphasizing that ‘evil is incapable of generating good.’

According to the Vatican diplomat, “resolving the war in Ukraine is not only a matter for Ukraine itself,” and therefore, “in the face of the tragedy unfolding before our eyes,” he repeated the questions that Pope Francis once asked: “What am I doing for the Ukrainian people today? Am I doing something?” Archbishop Gallagher emphasized that the international community “cannot surrender and pass by this issue in silence” because for the sake of a peaceful and secure future, all UN member states, and especially the member states of the Security Council, “are called upon to join forces in the search for a just and lasting peace for Ukraine, as an important element of the global peace that the world seeks.” “It is better and cheaper for everyone to invest in peace than in war!” he underscored.

Summarizing, the Holy See’s Secretary for Relations with States and International Organizations noted that “peace is not a reality whose features and properties are unknown.” “Everyone knows what peace is. It will definitely come when there is a common aspiration for its realization not only at the international, institutional level but also in our own hearts and homes,” he said, wishing everyone, especially “suffering Ukraine,” that “the desired peace will return and make the whole world happy.”

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