Playing Mozart to Help Ukraine: how the charitable concert in Rome unfolded

January 30, 2024, 15:36 19

The St. Sophia Religious Association in Rome co-organized a charity collection for Ukraine. On January 24, a concert of Mozart’s masterpieces was held at the Forum Sport Center, reports the press service of the Saint Sophia Association in Rome.

Playing Mozart to Help Ukraine: how the charitable concert in Rome unfolded

“The classical music concert by the Anello Musicale orchestra drew a large audience keen to enjoy Mozart’s compositions and support the initiative to help Ukrainians. The event commenced with an opening speech by Father Dmytro Kudin, Vice-Principal of the Pro-Cathedral Cathedral of St. Sophia. In his address, the priest depicted the current situation in Ukraine, detailing the hardships people are facing and telling how the war-torn country is overcoming these challenges.”

“Tonight, classical music will bring us happiness, joy, and peace. Yet, our purpose in gathering goes beyond that — to lend a helping hand to Ukraine. Why? Because the war persists. Just yesterday, Russians bombed Kharkiv again, claiming ten lives, including an 8-year-old child. Innocent Ukrainians are losing their lives. This is the harsh reality for Ukraine. Each of you here is a compassionate soul, understanding the importance of standing by one another. I sincerely appreciate all of you for being here and for your support,” said Fr. Dmytro.

The Anello Musicale Orchestra impressed the audience with a performance of Mozart’s masterpieces, making the evening special for all in attendance. In conclusion, conductor Mauro Conti expressed his gratitude for the donations and urged continued attention to people enduring the challenges of an unjust war.

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