“Caring is a manifestation of Christian love making us strong”: Father Robert Lyseyko, OSBM

September 22, 2023, 12:23 12

The Ukrainian people very clearly demonstrate the strength and the way to bear the hardships and trials of war together. When they unite, they stand in solidarity with our soldiers, helping them in the difficult work of defending their homeland caring for the wounded, the displaced, and various victims of war. This concern is a manifestation of Christian love and makes us strong.

“Caring is a manifestation of Christian love making us strong”: Father Robert Lyseyko, OSBM

It was stated by Father Robert Lyseyko, Protoarchimandrite of the Basilian Order of St. Josaphat, in a live interview on Zhyve Television.

Father Robert, speaking about where Ukrainians can derive strength from during the war, noted that it is very important not to feel alone in any suffering. Faith, which enables us to feel God’s care for us, makes us stronger. According to the archimandrite, the Ukrainian people today are especially strong in their unity.

“I believe that sometimes God allows us to experience suffering in our lives so that we can feel this mutual solidarity and mutual love, which is very evident in such moments”, Fr. Robert admitted.

Indeed, Ukrainian children are the most wounded in the war. However, according to Fr. Robert Lyseyko, children of war can become the best generation of Ukrainians:

“These are children who have witnessed cruelty and the great tragedy of their people. When they feel it, they will be able to appreciate how great a power of mutual solidarity and unity is. In the future, this war will shape in them a sense of solidarity with other sufferers. This can be a generation that will care for everyone in their suffering — very sympathetic, united, caring, and full of Christian love.”

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