The UGCC community is in great mourning these days: The Head of the UGCC expressed condolences over the death of Professor Ihor Skochylias

"I was very saddened to learn that your husband, Ihor Skochylias, has returned to our Heavenly Father's house after complications from the coronavirus. Accept my sincere condolences and assurances in prayers for the newly reposed," wrote His Beatitude Sviatoslav in a letter of condolence addressed to Mr. Iryna Skochylias, the wife of Professor Ihor Skochylias, who passed away on December 20.

The Head of the UGCC said that the community of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, whose history had been fruitfully researched for many years by Mr. Ihor Skochylias, is in great mourning these days.

"Mr. Ihor Skochylias, according to many, put all his talents: sharp mind, perseverance, patience - on the altar of science. He inherited this love for science from his teacher, the eminent historian Yaroslav Dashkevych, not only multiplying it with his life and hard work, but also igniting hundreds of young hearts with it. We believe that his followers will always remember their favorite teacher in their prayers," the letter reads.

The Head of the UGCC singled out a special feature of the late professor - his kindness: “Students, fellow teachers, collaborators in various projects in which Mr. Ihor Skochylias was engaged, remember him as a person who had the gift to subtly feel another person, and especially those who are in need. By his words and deeds he revealed to us the face of Heavenly Father, who is kind to all.”

Addressing the wife of the late Mr. Skochylias and his family, His Beatitude Sviatoslav expressed his assurance that “today the Lord opens the heavens before him, giving him the joy of contemplating His glory, and endows you and your family with another heavenly intercessor who begs for the graces you need.”

“May Heavenly Father give him credit for all the efforts he has made for His glory and the good of the people,” added the Father and the Head of the UGCC, assuring in his prayer for the newly reposed.

We remind you that on December 20, 2020, due to complications of the coronavirus disease, Ihor Skochylias, Doctor of History, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities of the Ukrainian Catholic University, author of numerous research papers, initiator and inspirer of the Kyiv Christianity research program, passed away.


 The UGCC Department for Information